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World’s Best Big Dog Breeds

9 of the World’s Best Big Dog Breeds

9 of the World’s Best Big Dog Breeds


With over 300 dog breeds in the world, each with their own distinct size, features, colors, and personalities, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your absolute favourite breeds. Every dog owner has an ideal type of dog, but we all have certain characteristics that we consider the most important when choosing one.


If you’re reading this article, then you’re a big dog person. You want a pet who can keep up with you in your adventures, makes you feel secure, has a tail like a wrecking ball, and who seems to double in size every month when they’re a puppy. It’s a tall order to sort through all the information out there on which of the world’s big dog breeds are the best. Here’s a list that narrows it down for you:


  1. Golden Retriever. It’s impossible not to love a golden retriever. They’re kind, friendly, and often one of the goofiest dog breeds. They’re incredibly social, so they get along with all sorts of other dogs and especially with people. This makes them a great choice for families, especially if you’re considering getting more pets in the future!
  2. Great Dane. Sometimes bigger is better, and that’s where the Great Dane comes in. It’s size is hard to beat, especially for such a well behaved and personable dog. They’re friendly and calm, but definitely require a lot of attention and loving care.
  3. Huskies might be the most immediately recognisable dog breeds, and have a very unique quality among big dogs. While they love activity and stimulation, they are also quite independent and require an attentive owner.
  4. Rottweiler: Don’t let the name scare you – there’s nothing inherently dangerous or aggressive about the Rottweiler breed. Although they’re pretty hefty animals, they can be just as gentle and caring as any other dog. They are also extremely dedicated to their families and eager to work – so if you’re looking for a family member who will always make you feel secure, they are the perfect choice.
  5. Labrador Retriever: The Labrador Retriever is the everyman’s dog. They have a great personality and can serve as working dogs, service dogs, companion dogs, and family pets. It’s hard to go wrong with a Labrador Retriever and that’s what makes them one of the most popular dog breeds on the entire planet.
  6. The poodle is a big dog with all of the poise and elegance of smaller breeds. Its extremely intelligent and therefore very easy to train. Most importantly, you’ll definitely impress your friends with this distinguished breed.
  7. German Shepherd: Super smart and super athletic, a German Shepherd is the perfect dog for a dedicated owner with an active lifestyle. They’ll be able to keep up with you, no matter the activity, and they’ll learn new tricks and skills in no time.
  8. Collies: have a special reputation when it comes to families with children. If you’re aiming for a dog breed that will be great with your kids, gentle, and energetic, they are a great choice.
  9. Bernese Mountain Dog. The Bernese Mountain Dog is true to its name and loves the outdoors. Are Bernese mountain dogs smart? Yes, they are not only very smart and affectionate in personality, they’re a great choice if you have the space and the lifestyle to let them stretch their legs.




While the Golden Retriever may be one of the most popular large dog breeds in the world, the Labrador Retriever is also renowned for its outstanding ability to be the class clown. They have a tendency to be sillier than other large dog breeds and hence we tend to classify them as one of the most goofiest dog breeds. Golden Retrievers are always ready to make people laugh with their goody antics as they have a tendency to always want to play. These goofy dogs are extremely active, social and fun loving; always keeping their families smiling with their silly antics.


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